Services Offered

Small Town Bait and Tackle is a full service locally owned and operated live fishing bait, tackle and bear bait store.  Small Town Bait offers live bait for every fishing season and all types of Wisconsin native fish, including Lake Michigan fishing.  Heading to Canada for a fishing trip?  Save yourself money and frustration by pre-ordering Canadian flats.

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Small Town Bait is proud to offer the following services and more:

  • Full selection of season appropriate live Bait
  • Proud sponsor of local fisheries and fishing tournaments
  • Maker and seller of hand crafted still water fishing poles
  • Affiliated with local fishing guides and Lake Michigan Charter tours
  • Enjoy quick and easy access to products, displays, live bait and up to date information
  • Canadian Flats (please allow 7 days notice) Canadian Fishing Regulations
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you and answer your questions
  •  Huge inventory and large selection of products available
  • Largest Professional Bear Bait supplier in the area
  • We accept pre-orders ensuring your fishing and bear hunting products are ready and waiting for your pick up








Interested in fishing Lake Michigan but unsure of how to start or where to go?  

fixed lake michigan sunsetSmall Town Bait & Tackle offers a unique professional guide service and technical assistance on Lake Michigan fishing. With over 25 years of experience and having fished several ports in Wisconsin and Michigan, Small Town Bait owner, Brian is well versed in different tactics for salmon and trout fishing as well as trolling strategies. Let us assist you in bait selection, location, equipment selection. Let us share with you how and why to select certain baits for the fish species you would like to target. We can even fish with you to help you become more efficient with the space you have to work with on your boat or offer suggestions on how to optimize your fishing boat.

If you are just getting started or new to the sport of trolling we can assist you by drafting a layout for your equipment on your boat to help avoiding tangles and the loss of costly equipment and tackle! We can accompany you and assist with hands on experience showing you how to run downriggers, dipsey divers, leadcore, copper, surface planners and most of the common trolling set-ups to help you make each fishing trip a memorable experience on the water. Stop in the shop today to get more details and information, just ask for Brian.